After all, They decide to come back.



Annyeong >////<

i’m here now!!! Let me tell you something about the tittle in this post kkk~

Entah ini hal baik ataupun buruk, tetapi ada sesuatu yang membuat aku menarik mereka berdua kembali T____T

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I’m lost for words

God always hear the prayers, today is the most painful day ever.

I got hurt, so how could i not be in pain?

세상에 μ§€μΉœ λ‚  λˆ„κ°€ μ’€ 제발 μ•ˆμ•„μ€˜, λˆˆλ¬Όμ— 젖은 λ‚  λˆ„κ°€ μ’€ λ‹¦μ•„μ€˜, νž˜λ“€μ–΄ν•˜λŠ” λ‚  제발 λ¨Όμ € λˆˆμΉ˜μ±„μ€˜, λͺ»λ‚œ λ‚  μ•Œμ•„μ€˜, 제발 λ‚  λ„μ™€μ€˜ – Kim Jonghyun

The Most Beautiful October’s playlist




Finally, already october and the end of the year is almost comingπŸ’šβ˜Ή
Theres much thing happened on the last 2 month of my life, and one of them was FINALLY I CAN SEE DAY6 IRL GUYS OH MY GOD!!! & I barely still remember how it feels like when we were hi-touch!!! THEY were so freakin attractive and have the most warming eyes ever.

Jae was extremely beautiful with blonde hair I SWEAR!! he was like the most stunning man in the stage, dan setelah gua telusuri kebanyakan myday itu fannya Jae bgt, dia yg paling hits and so freakin tall!!!

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