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You & I : The Last Mission [Chapter 2]


Ma 1st 2015 Fanfict fantasy series

You & I : The Last Mission

Starring :

Starship Ent. Trainer’s CHOI SEOKWON ; 

Red Velvet’s JOY ;

Anothers Starship Ent. Trainers;

Monsta-X official Members;


[So sad because,  finally ma cutie pie seokwon can’t debut as Monsta-X member, and #Gun, Yoonho, and the others too. So sad, but i can’t deny that i love the others member who finally debuted [ex hyungwon] especially I’M the bae, he’s too much cute and cool at the same times.  And Jooheon, thanks for participating on SMTM4, you really made my friday night so damn good, STAY STRONG!

                                                                                                 -xoxo, Minhyo]

note: I’m listening to One Love by Monsta-X everynight, such a beautiful song.

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