After all, how can you run from what’s inside you? We all have something to hide, some dark place inside us we don’t want the world to see. But, sometimes it’s not only the bad memories that you want to hide. But, maybe it’s the happy ones that you know will never happen again and you try to keep forever.



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Finally the day i’ve been waiting for is coming, akhirnya aku punya waktu buat ngepost lagi setelah sekian lama  xoxo but so bad, selalu ada kesedihan dibalik kesenangan :”( aku baru inget kalo aku kehilangan softcopy dari all chapter project yang bahkan belom sempet aku post 1 chapter pun, sedih. karena waktu senggang aku semakin dikit, aku cuma bisa buat FF lewat handphone dan ketika handphonenya hilang–semua berakhir :/

but, from now on aku sudah mulai masuk liburan semester So i have so many time to back to my routines xoxo

for the last, the most unimportant thing kkk

My playlist

  1. Sickness (Ft. Pledis Girlz) By Vernon (Seventeen)
  2. Toy by Block B
  3. Once Again By Mad Clown, Kim Na Young
  4. Letting Go by Day6
  5. Press Your Number by Taemin
  6. Up All Night by Lee HI ft Tablo
  7. Sympathy By JJY ft. Seo Young Eun
  8. It’s Love by Bobby, June, Donghyuk (IKON)
  9. All In by Monsta X
  10. Rainy Street by Babylon ft HA:TFELT