[Vignette] Something ’bout Love


Author                  : Yoon Minhyo

Cast                       :

  • Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol
  • A Pink’s Son Naeun

Supp Cast            :

  • Anothers Infinite’s member.

Rate                       : PG 15

Genre                   : Romance, life

Length                  : Vignette

Disclaimer           :

  • Parah /.\ FF yang lain masih numpuk tapi tiba-tiba teringat sama Sungyeol kkk~

Summary             : “She’s not B2st’s girl!! She’s mine!!” –Lee Sungyeol Continue reading


Yuhuuuu /author’s back/



Unnoticed, Jonghyun’s (08041990) and Sehun’s (12041994) birthday already passed huft kkk~

Seungil chukkae for my boy Jjong and my cute Magnae Sehunnie ^^

and we’re back to the topic, right? kkk~

Actually for now on i wanna post some FF but smthing was happened and for today i can’t post the FF anymore :”)

For the 3 months, i’ll do some secret project kkk~ w

want to know? it’s already secret for now ^^

but for my FF “What are you Lookin’s for” i’ll send to some FF’s blog, So?

Just wait kkk~

Goodbye /author dancing/

Get well soon for my Jjong, and for my sehunnie please be healthy as always 🙂

What are you Lookin’ for? [chapter 2]

cover zelo


Author                  : Yoon Minhyo

Cast                       :

  • BAP’s Zelo aka Choi Junhong
  • Choi Ah Raa [OC]

Supp Cast            :

  • Another BAP’s member

Genre                   : Romance

Rate                       : PG

Length                  : Chaptered

Disclaimer           : Semakin berlanjutnya FF ini, sekarang 10% diri Zelo sudah menjadi milik Author wakakakak

Summary             : “Entah apa yang terjadi, setiap kata yang Ia ucapkan bagai menyihirku untuk tetap terdiam!”- Ah Raa Continue reading

My J : Summer Paradise

cover hh 2Author                                  : Yoon Minhyo

Cast                                       :

  • Jessica Jung
  • Jonghyun Kim

Supp Cast                            :

  • Another SMTOWN’s artist

Length                                  : Oneshot

Rate                                       : PG+

Genre                                   : Full of romance? *Loh?Genre macam apa ini? kkkkk

Disclaimer                           :

  • FF ini murni terinspirasi dari sebuah Fancam SMTOWN in Bkk, dan selanjutnya plot cerita milik author dan semua bias kesayangan author kkk~

Continue reading

What a bad news in the 1st april :\


How’s sad? :” Please get well soon uri JJONG

when i’m back from the school, suddenly very shocked heard the news. WHAT? my Jjong had an accident? oh my god tell me if it’s just April Mops :”(

last night, i’m tweeting my april wishes :

#Aprilwishes all of them keep healthy and be happy as always ;;) 14 hours ago

but now what? oh god T_T

but from the news i was heard, Jjong was fine guys so keep calm and pray for him :””)))