November’s Playlist

This is tolbi, kim yongguk’s adorable cat๐Ÿ’›

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I’ve been listening so much song these days, and here the most beautiful song you need to listen๐Ÿ’• btw i need somebody still on the top๐Ÿ˜น
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The Most Beautiful October’s playlist




Finally, already october and the end of the year is almost coming๐Ÿ’šโ˜น
Theres much thing happened on the last 2 month of my life, and one of them was FINALLY I CAN SEE DAY6 IRL GUYS OH MY GOD!!! & I barely still remember how it feels like when we were hi-touch!!! THEY were so freakin attractive and have the most warming eyes ever.

Jae was extremely beautiful with blonde hair I SWEAR!! he was like the most stunning man in the stage, dan setelah gua telusuri kebanyakan myday itu fannya Jae bgt, dia yg paling hits and so freakin tall!!!

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Ma Grateful May’s playlist



The Playlist you should enjoy~

  1. Numb – David Archuleta
  2. Can’t love you anymore – IU ft. Ohyuk
  3. Beautiful – Monsta X
  4. Time Lapse – Taeyeon
  5. X – Code Kunst ft. Lee Hi
  6. Elevator – Jonghyun
  7. Fireplace – Jonghyun
  8. You were beautiful – Day6
  9. How Can I say – Day6
  10. Me and you – JJY ft. Jang Hyejin

Unfaithful [Episode 1]

Starring the most beautiful Red Velvet’s member Kang Seulgi and her handsome brother Day6’s Kang Brian

cc; well, setelah dibaca situasinya emang agak mirip sama Mayday but trust me the storyline is definitely different :’D and also, ff yang emang masih on going kukerjain dan idenya masih dikepala itu Unfaithful dan mayday, so jangan ragu buat ikutin wkwk mumpung masih inget lmao. btw my graduation’s almost coming and i’m so freakin excited yuhuuuu but the thesis–don’t asking me, thats so fuckin hard when theres handsome oppas smiling around between you and your thesis.




“And as always, the most beautiful performance by Seulgi Kang from Toronto!!”

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MAYDAY [Episode 3]

Starring Got7โ€™s Park Jinyoung and the most beautiful Red Velvetโ€™s Kang Seulgi

โ€œJin..young..โ€ lirihnya begitu pelan, bibirnya seakan terus memaksa untuk mengunci namun dalam hatinya berusaha untuk menjerit kala itu, โ€œjinyoung, apa yang terjadi?โ€ Ia kembali berucap pelan dan lirih, tubuh lelahnya mulai bergetar hebat tak kuasa tatkala sepasang manik mata gelap milik jinyoung berhasil membawanya pada luka di masa lalu.





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