What are You lookin’ for? [Chaptered 1]

cover zelo

Author                  : Yoon Minhyo

Cast                       :

  • BAP’s Zelo aka Choi Junhong
  • Choi Ah Raa [OC]

Supp Cast            : Another BAP’s member

Genre                   : Romance,

Rate                       : PG

Length                  : Chaptered

Disclaimer             : Zelo akan segera menjadi  kepunyaan author Tuhan Keluarga dan Managementnya, sedangkan author kepunyaan Luhan seutuhnya XD jadi pliss jangan naksir author.

Summary             : “Zelo benar-benar tidak akan senang,ketika seseorang memanggilnya dengan sebutan Choi Junhong!”- Hara Continue reading





His name Z E L O aka Choi Junhong

He was born in 15th October 1996 ~ohmaygod same likes me 

A‘s his blood type, and his specialty’s Rap, Dance, and BeatBox

He’s a 16 years old boys, and he’s  Maknae, Lead Rapper & Lead Dancer from his Rookie group BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT [B.A.P] 

OH MY GOD!! I love that boy So badly </3


and the most important is I really loves his new hair not his old curly blonde hair kkkk~